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The Guitar Specialist, Inc.

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The Guitar Specialist, Inc.
Is a full service guitar repair and restoration facility located in Bedford Hills, New York.
The term guitar repair would be an inaccurate euphemism for what we do. Basically if it's got frets,  we work on it.  
Our facility can take care of all of your instrument needs, whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, bass, lute, banjo, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, cittern, balalaika -  well you get the idea.

We are widely regarded as the best guitar repair and restoration center in the New York Tri-State area and the country.

"Doug - Keep them playing the way you do - Great Work. Doug Proper - The Guitar Specialist - is definitely the one guy to see about your guitar work. He makes them play just the way I like. Great Work!"

- John Abercrombie

"Doug - Thanks For All The Great Work. Doug has worked on every one of my guitars, from a one of a kind D'Angelico Electric, to my traveling Cort Joe Beck Models; from a Martin Acoustic to a rare Esteso Classical. They all sound great and the workmanship is second to no one!"

          - Joe Beck

"Doug and Sharon - Thanks! Doug Proper does excellent work. He worked on my guitars and it's playing great !
I Highly recommend
The Guitar Specialist

         - John Scofield

We are proud members of The Guild of American Luthiers
 and The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans
We currently are or have been an authorized guitar repair and service center for most manufacturers
Gibson Musical Instruments, Fender Musical Instruments, Taylor Guitars, Guild Guitars,
C.F. Martin, Gretsch Guitars,, American Archtop, Jackson/Charvel,
Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Epiphone, Ovation, Takamine, Hamer Guitars, Tacoma Guitars.
Please contact us to find out which manufacturers we are currently working with.

If you're interested in having your instrument play better than you ever thought it could, we encourage you to find out more about us.  Use the links at the top of this page to visit all of the areas of our site.  There are lots of things to do & see.  Find out why so many musicians consider us not only the best place to have their instruments maintained , but the only shop they trust with their instruments.

Find out why artists like Joe Beck, John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Paul Simon, Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash), Chris Brubeck and Tim Burris, among others bring all of their instruments only to
The Guitar Specialist, Inc.

To find out more about us you can follow these links

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If you have been here before and are wondering what's new,
check here to see what we have added since your last visit.

About Us
Just what it sounds like - find out who we are, what we do & why we do it.
You can take a tour of the shop and check out our new digs.
Includes News & Reviews - What are they saying about us ?

All the things we do. You can also link to lots of info about what's involved with all types of instrument repairs (kind of a master class for people who break their instruments).

Notable Clients
Some famous musicians who have attended our master classes.

Repair Gallery
Lots (and I mean lots) of pictures of repairs. Not just before & after stuff - the real thing. See them happen. Not for the squeamish (especially if we've already worked on yours - it might be in here).

This is a new section for us - here we are running a number of articles on how to do things - Like repair you guitar - or brushing the cat - lots of things to learn here.

Q & A
Yup that's right - Quesadillas & Artichokes - (sorry - I'll turn in my sense of humor first thing in the morning - promise!) Seriously - just like Radio Shaft - you got answers - we got questions!

Contact Us
How to get in touch with us and arrange the best service for your instrument. E-mail - Telephone - Fax - Snail Mail - Carrier Pigeon - Stick your head out the window & yell really loud (the last option only works in South Salem and surrounding areas - if your from the west coast - we're not responsible).

Places to see - People to go - things to do - (something like that).

American Archtop
Beautiful handmade archtop guitars at prices jazz musicians can afford. Dale is the best archtop maker I know - then again, I only know three (Just kidding) - Worth a peek.

Here is a collection of information and links to friends of ours in the industry. So far there is nothing on this page because we have no friends (just kidding). - seriously this page is dedicated to highlighting people in our industry that we know and admire - people that we consider our friends - and a few we owe money to (just kidding again). 

Table Of Contents
Table setting and seating arrangement by Martha Stewart - for those of you who like to navigate this way.

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E-Mail Us !
E-Mail Us

380 Adams Street
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

(914) 401-9052

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