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Below you will find a list of the types of work we routinely handle at our shop. If you see "update3.gif (1796 bytes)" next to any listing you can link to a page with detailed information about that procedure.

Please check back here often; I will be updating this page frequently.

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Set Up Work & Misc.

Re-String-Free Re-String with any other repair. Only the cost of strings will apply.
Truss Adjust - Straighten Fingerboard/Correct Relief.
Install Strap Button - With Felt Pad.
Machine Head Adjustment - Adjust Tension on Tuning Machines & Lubricate Gears (If Necessary).
Action Adjustment - Acoustic/Electric - Set String Height At Nut & Saddle.
Intonation Adjustment - Acoustic/Electric/Archtop - Set String Length At Nut & Saddle.
Tremolo Adjustment - Adjust Tension - Balance Tremolo Left to Right & Front to Back.
Tremsetter Adjustment - Adjust Set Screws & Reset Zero Position.
Compound Finish - Compound, Buff & Polish Finish.
Complete Setup - Complete Setup Includes Re-String, Fret Buff, Truss Adjust, Intonation and Action Adjust, Fingerboard Treatment, Machine Head Adjust and Lubrication, Tremolo Adjust, Tremsetter Adjust, Replacement of Springs (if necessary), Spray Electronics, Compound & Buff Finish.
Replace Pickguard - (Stock) Replace & Finish Top Wood (If Necessary).
Custom Pickguard/Finger Rest - Design & Create Custom Pickguard Or Finger Rest.

Saddle Work

Replace With Bone & Blank
Replace Compensating Saddle (Bone)
Fill & Re-Cut Saddle Slot

Nut Work

Replace With Bone Blank - 6 string/12 string.
Replace With Brass
Fill & Re-Cut Nut Slots
Install Locking Nut
- Wilkinson Roller Nut - Fender L.S.R. Nut.

Bridge Work

Bridge Replacement - Electric Guitar or Bass-Electric Guitar With Tremolo-Acoustic Guitar (Stock).
Custom Bridge - Acoustic / Archtop.
Re-Size/Re-shape Bridge - Shave Down Bridge On Acoustic Guitars To Allow Correct String Tension/Angle And Correct Action That Is Too High (alternative to neck reset on some guitars).
Re-Glue Bridge - Includes Sanding Under Bridge & Adding Wood (If Necessary).
Bridge Cracks - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Seal Cracks In Bridge W/ Epoxy/Wood Filler/Or Wood.
De-Rust Bridge - Electric Guitars.
Reconstruct Tunamatic - Disassemble Bridge/Clean/De-Rust/Replace Parts & Set-up.
Bridge Pad/Plate Replacement - Acoustic Guitars.
Worn Pin Holes/Plate Repair - Re-Route Bridge Pin Holes on Bridge & Bridge Pad.
Tremolo Installation - Floyd Rose Style with or w/o routed cavity.
Install Tremsetter - Tremolo Stabilizer.

Fingerboard & Frets

Heat Treatment/Stress Neck - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Straighten Neck With No Truss Rod or When Truss Rod Is Too Tight To Move.
Plane Fingerboard - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Square Up Fingerboard.
Replace Fingerboard - Remove Old Fingerboard & Replace - With or W/O Binding.
Re-Crown - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Re-Round Top of Frets - Buff/Polish & Clean Fingerboard.
Fret Ends - File Fret Overhang.
Complete Fret Job - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Level/Mill/Set Radius/Re-Crown & Dress Frets.
Fret Reset/Partial Re-Fret - Priced Per Fret - With or W/O Binding.
Complete Re-Fret - update3.gif (1796 bytes)Pull Frets/Install New Frets/Includes Complete Fret Job & Fingerboard Repairs- With or W/O Binding.

All Arch Tops Require Minimum Bench Fee

Pickup Replacement
Replace Potentiometer
Replace Selector Switch
Run Tailpiece Ground On Solid Body
Install Mini Toggle Or Push/Pull Pot
Install Output Jack
Install Synthesizer Pickup
Install Pre-amp
(Pre-amp Not Included).
Complete Rewire - Standard Wiring & Custom Wiring.
Hum & Electrostatic Shielding
Spray Electronics
- Clean & Lube Noisy Pots.
Transducer Installation - Saddle Type - Microphone (Miniflex) - Soundhole W/ Endpin Jack.

Structural Repairs

Machine Head Replacement -Replace Tuning Machines, Fill Old Screw Holes & Re-Route Tuning Peg Holes.
Broken Peg Head - update3.gif (1796 bytes) With or W/O Finish.
Neck Reset - update3.gif (1796 bytes) Correct Angle of Neck - With or W/O Binding.
New Neck - Replace Old Neck With Factory Part.
Flatten Top - With or W/O New Plate - Bridge Removal - Required.
Top Replacement - Acoustic - Include Finishing.
Braces Re-Glued update3.gif (1796 bytes)
Replace Brace
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