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Although we already have a links page, we decided to add a page to our site that spotlights friends
of ours in the industry.  If this page is empty it is because we have no friends left. (just kidding)

 Most of the people you will find on this page we know either professionally, personally or both.
We are proud to consider them our friends and colleagues - besides we owe
most of them money so this is an attempt to keep us in there good graces (just kidding again).

Feel free to contact us about any of the people you find on this page,
or contact them directly - and let them know you found them here.

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American Archtop

American Archtop
Guitars Handcrafted by Dale Unger

We won't spend a lot of space on Dale here other than to say he is one of the best builders around.
I am one of his customers and I consider myself privileged to have him as a friend.
I think so highly of Dale's work that we have given him his own page on our site.
Click here to go there now.

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Bill Fender
Legato Guitars ~ keepers of the flame
1935 ~ 2016

Here is Bill and I at the A.S.I.A. Symposium in Nashville - March, 2000.

Bill Fender was a fantastic guy.  We met Bill for the first time in Nashville at the
The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans Conference.  Dale Unger introduced me to Bill
and we hit it off immediately.  Bill describes himself as an ardent hobbyist when it comes to playing and a
tinkerer when it comes to repair - both of which over the years knowing him I can attest to the fact that he was being modest about both.

Over the years we had quite a few dealings with each other and would chat on the phone.  Sometimes he or I would call just to see "What's Up". 
He would occasionally call with a question about a repair or I would call him asking about a value of a guitar.  We would always wind up spending
 way too much time on the phone talking anything but business.  When seeing him at a guitar show or luthier's symposium, it was always one of
the highlights of the event to see and catch up will Bill.

He Started Legato Guitars 1995 he says "to meet the needs of jazz guitar players of all levels,
from novice students to professional performers." His inventory emphasized
quality electric and acoustic archtops in excellent to mint condition.

The thing that impressed me most about Bill was that he took the time to attend things like the A.S.I.A Symposium.
This is a convention for Luthiers to learn from each other and share Ideas.  It is not a guitar show where a dealer
would hope to make a sale.  Bill liked to educate himself in the finer aspects of the trade he is representing
(of which he was quite knowledgeable).  This is not only rare, commendable and unique, but, I think it placed him
 head and shoulders above any body else in the horse trading game.

Bill was as honest as the day is long (rare in the instrument dealer universe). If you ever had any dealings with him while looking to buy or sell
an instrument - particularly Archtops - He was the Man!

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Lehmann Stringed Instruments

Here is another one of our luthier friends we met in Nashville.

Bernie is a very talented luthier who makes some very unique instruments.
Bernie is a really nice guy - make sure you check out his site.

Bernie hiding behind his guitars at the Classic American Guitar Show

Bernie performing surgery in his shop

Click the box below to go to Bernie's Site. 

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