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Here Are Some Quickies For You!

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Here we have a nice old Martin. A few cracks and bad scrapes in the face, the bridge is lifting and it needs a refret. Here goes ...


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First I'll take care of the bridge. Glue it back on & clamp it down.
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Now we can pull the frets.
Martin00_04.jpg (39298 bytes)
Bang 'em in ...
Martin00_05.jpg (24732 bytes)
... Level, Crown & Dress ...
Martin00_06.jpg (43615 bytes)
Told you it would be
a quickie. Now if we could only get them done that fast in real life.

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Sometimes a guitar's truss rod may be "maxed out" (adjustable rods that can't be tightened anymore). You can breath new life
into the rod by what I call "Stressing The Neck". In a nutshell, the guitar's neck strung to full tension, is
forced into a back bow without the aid of the truss rod. The neck, after a relatively short period of time will "take a set".
Then the rod is tightened to hold the back bow. You can now loosen the rod to set the correct relief.

Don't try this at home !

NkStress_01.jpg (110777 bytes)
The guitar is clamped up with the strings to pitch ...
NkStress_02.jpg (109335 bytes)
... and a loose truss rod.
NkStress_03.jpg (130762 bytes)
This will "help" the rod which can no longer do the job on it's own.

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FrankesnStrat_01.jpg (102762 bytes)
A "FrankenStrat" that someone tried to "Customize". We'll leave it at that.
FrankesnStrat_02.jpg (74653 bytes)
Don't ask me what they were thinking.

FrankesnStrat_03.jpg (88658 bytes)
After a re-wire and a setup.

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FndrMando_01.jpg (106681 bytes) Here's something you don't see every day.

A Fender Electric Mandolin

From about 1960 I think

Cute isn't it ?

FndrMando_02.jpg (117290 bytes)

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MarcelloBarbero01.jpg (92673 bytes) Another interesting guitar.

A Marcello Barbero Spanish
Flamenco Guitar.

In beautiful shape,
I might ad.

I once heard someone say that being a luthier is a great job. It's satisfying work that provides a fair living and at the end of the day you get to play all sorts of guitars that you probably could never afford.

So True.

MarcelloBarbero02.jpg (126064 bytes)

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Gretsch01.jpg (114071 bytes) I actually was not going to take pictures of this job (lazy I guess). It's a 1962 Gretsch 6120 that needed everything. A neck reset - frets - electronics - finish work - you name it.
I decided to take pics of the finished product because it was such a nice guitar. Next time I get lazy, I'll make sure to set up the camera.
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