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As you might have guessed we're cat people - Miles and Dorian are in our employ at the shop and we probably couldn't get
through a day at work without them.  Public Notice - no instruments or cats were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

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Miles is our resident Quality Control Inspector - each instrument can't leave the shop until he says it's OK. You might have to wait for him to wake up from his nap.
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Dorian and Miles reporting for work first thing in the morning.
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Dorian's chief responsibility is to stand there and look adorable - a job she excels at. Her other job is to give each customer a thorough licking.
ShopCats_01.jpg (113202 bytes)
hard at work.


ShopCats_16.jpg (91339 bytes)
Take me home with you, please?
ShopCats_02.jpg (102287 bytes)
How long do you want me to hold this thing down?


ShopCats_03.jpg (74108 bytes)
How do you play an E7#9 chord again?
ShopCats_19.jpg (86205 bytes)
What? I can't find my string winder - OK ?!
ShopCats_05.jpg (103176 bytes)
Did you ever have the feeling that you were being watched?


ShopCats_06.jpg (97621 bytes)
Can you hear me now?


ShopCats_07.jpg (93047 bytes)
Miles inspecting the quality of Sharon's crowning methods.
ShopCats_08.jpg (104916 bytes)
I just love the Bass - don't you?
ShopCats_09.jpg (119325 bytes)
Dorian standing in protest of people putting stickers on their guitars.


ShopCats_10.jpg (91319 bytes)
Do you think someone will mistake me for a mandolin?
ShopCats_17.jpg (106349 bytes)
Oooh- I gotta get me one of these !
ShopCats_20.jpg (87129 bytes)
Les Paul's make great pillows - must be those humbuckers..
ShopCats_18.jpg (90712 bytes)
Think they'll notice me in here?
ShopCats_14.jpg (84750 bytes)
Dorian fitting in some practice time in between licking customers.


ShopCats_15.jpg (98483 bytes)
Miles takes his QC duties quite seriously.
ShopCats_13.jpg (94119 bytes)
How's that for a pair of Vise Grips?


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