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Stephanie Mechura

Stephanie Mechura is a San Francisco-based singer/ songwriter whose accomplished guitar playing and captivating voice place her among today's top contemporary folk artists. Stylistically, she evokes the folk funk of Rickie Lee Jones, while being lyrically reminiscent of Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell. Each of her songs tell the story of the background from which it cames. When asked to describe her, admirers smile, then smile a little wider, and simply say "you've gotta hear her to really know."

Stephanie has released two CD's on her independent lable Fat Baby Records. Her debut album, ...Ellipsis, has been receiving critical acclaim nationwide. Her second album, Crush, was released in March of 1996 and has already started to gain the attention of press and radio. Stephanie actively tours California and the Pacific Northwest, as well as the greater Boston and New York City areas.

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Chris Black

Searing and scorching; sweet and brash; country and pop; punk and rock; The Dirty Folk Revolution is Chris Black and Dave Grogan. Plugged in or acoustic, on the street or in the pub. Great songs, lyrics, harmonies, and rhythm. This New York duo has burned itself into hearts of fans in the States, Ireland, and across Europe. The band's second CD, Waiting for June, released in June 1998, has already been applauded by critics as a brilliant follow-up to the 1997 release, A Mind is a Terrible Thing. Right now The Dirty Folk Revolution is state-side, rocking their way across the country, catch them if you can!

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Doug Hartline

Doug Hartline is a good friend and fellow Jazz Guitar player.  He is an accomplished player and composer who plays very much in the style of Larry Carlton with an added element that is unmistakenly "Doug Hartline".  Great Chops - A Great Sound - Good Tunes and a hell of a nice guy to boot.

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