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The nice thing about working on these is the come apart
Kenny brought by his little Tacoma Papoose. It is pretty much meant as a travel guitar - but in Kenny's hands it is an amazing instrument. greentacomaapart.jpg (142744 bytes)
This way I can work on the frets on one bench - and the body on another.
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First we'll take a look at the frets - here are the tools I use to put a nice crown on the frets
greentacomafret01.jpg (143775 bytes)
You can see the grooves in the frets - there is a good amount pf fret material here - so replacement is not necessary.
greentacomafret02.jpg (151091 bytes)
A closer look at those frets - you can see some pretty heavy wear.
greentacomafret03.jpg (138620 bytes)
first order business is to level the frets.  The frets are cut to the lowest point of the lowest pit ...
greentacomafret04.jpg (140741 bytes)
... and then crowned with a slim taper triangle file.
greentacomafret05.jpg (138426 bytes)
Here is a look at a crowned fret.
greentacomafret06.jpg (134908 bytes)
This is what it looks like after polishing.
greentacomafret07.jpg (144589 bytes)
well crowned and polished frets are a pleasure to play on.

On to the body ...


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Kenny said he though there was a crack in the back but couldn't find it ...Look hard it's almost invisible.
greentacomacrack02.jpg (162587 bytes)
there it is - clean through the body - with no real sound hole to speak of on this little puppy - we are going to have to fix it from the outside.
greentacomacrack03.jpg (146820 bytes)
Pressing gently on the side of the crack - it opens just a bit ... 
greentacomacrack07.jpg (139744 bytes)
I'll saturate the area to make it a bit more pliable.
greentacomacrack08.jpg (153048 bytes)
... Lay some glue along the length of the crack ...
greentacomacrack09.jpg (135423 bytes)
... and work it in with my fingers.  I like to wear surgeons gloves while doing messy work - it allows me to just pull the gloves off and move to something else without having to stop and clean up.
greentacomacrack12.jpg (152482 bytes)
Here is the crack after a quick wipe - you can see the glue squeeze out.
greentacomacrack13.jpg (147539 bytes)
I'm clamping up with Plexiglas cauls to keep the crack level.  The glue won't stick to the cauls.
greentacomacrack16.jpg (150861 bytes)
After the glue was dry, I laid a bead of finish along the length  of the crack to seal it.
greentacomacrack18.jpg (145527 bytes)
Here is a neat trick - I need to scrape away the finish - but I don't want the full length of the blade to contact the guitar.  
greentacomacrack19.jpg (134194 bytes)
I'll use my modified razor blade to scrape the finish flush.
greentacomacrack20.jpg (136337 bytes)
I am careful to hold my disposable scraper very level so I don't cut the surrounding finish.
greentacomacrackdone.jpg (114517 bytes)
A mild buffing out and it's as good as new.

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Here is Kenny's Taylor Twelve String.  Did I tell you that Kenny is brutal on guitars.  He can play just about anything with strings on it - but he ain't gentle.
greentaylorfretpits02.jpg (144531 bytes)
Badly pitted frets again
greentaylorleveledfret01.jpg (136807 bytes)
another look at a
leveled fret. 
greentaylorpolishedfret03.jpg (115542 bytes)
And after crowning and polishing.
Kenny also had a nasty crack in the side of his Taylor 
greentaylorcrack01.jpg (165479 bytes)
This is a clamp designed by Philip Berna - He is a nuclear physicist originally from France.
who better to come up with a really cool clamp.
greentaylorcrack02.jpg (166220 bytes)
These are modular so you can combine them for all sorts of neat uses.
greentaylorcrack03.jpg (153753 bytes)
Like holding Kenny's Taylor on it's side while I take care of the crack.  This way the guitar doesn't move from beginning of the job until completion.
greentaylorcrack04.jpg (130246 bytes)
It holds the guitar in just the right position to glue up a crack in a really difficult spot.
greentaylorcrack05.jpg (136526 bytes)
I've highlighted the crack so you can see it clearly - it is very tight and doesn't move at all - but it does go right through to the other side.
greentaylorcrack07.JPG (138197 bytes)
here is what it looks like after - sorry no during pics - I was busy with the crack and completely forgot to snap a few.

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Dobro01.jpg (127549 bytes)
Ken's Dobro in for a re-fret.

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