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What is a 9Stein you ask?

It is a extraordinary instrument invented by Michael Reisenstein and built by Tommy Doyle
to find out more about it click the picture below.
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To date, we have had three of these in our shop for one type of repair or another.
(hard to believe there would actually be three of these in existence)  It is a fascinating instrument
that I wish I could muster up the courage to attempt learning it - the possibilities are tremendous.

Check out the pictures below to see what we had to do on this one

By the way - I could not have completed this job without the invaluable help of Mike Petruccione.
He is the owner of Woodshed Design.  Mike is an Industrial Designer by trade,  My personal tool maker,
an amateur guitarist and a real nice guy.  If he would ever get his web site together I could link you to him
and you could find out more about his services. (the last bit was a hint for Mike)

(Click any picture for a bigger version)

9steinheadstock.JPG (45929 bytes)
The original headstock looked like this
9steinrepair01.JPG (64587 bytes)
After a misguided attempt at reshaping the peg head, it looked like this.

This is the condition in which we received it.

9steinrepair02.jpg (148776 bytes)
The first thing to do was add wood to cover up the taper of the peg head and fill the poorly drilled holes.
9steinrepair03.jpg (113080 bytes)
Here the extension of the peg head is being fitted.
9steinrepair04.jpg (122760 bytes)
After gluing it is filled to help hide the seams
9steinrepair05.jpg (71134 bytes)
9steinrepair06.jpg (84843 bytes)
the plugs are fit & glued.
9steinrepair07.jpg (79116 bytes)
then the whole thing was sanded to accept primer and finish
9steinrepair08.jpg (65439 bytes)
Here is a good look at the back.
9steinrepair09.jpg (87472 bytes)
New holes were drilled to accept the tuners.
9steinrepair10.jpg (79133 bytes)
Another view of the back - this time with the holes drilled properly
9steinrepair11.jpg (68471 bytes)
After finishing the headstock looks great.
9steinrepair12.jpg (108597 bytes)
9steinrepair13.jpg (116881 bytes)

Good As New !

The electronics had to be completely re-done

Doesn't sound like a big deal - right?

Wait till you see these pictures !

9steinrepair14.jpg (103146 bytes) 9steinrepair15.jpg (100120 bytes) 9steinrepair16.JPG (90887 bytes)
9steinrepair17.JPG (100280 bytes) 9steinrepair18.JPG (48153 bytes) 9steinrepair19.JPG (130652 bytes)
9steinrepair20.JPG (87268 bytes) 9steinrepair21.JPG (85300 bytes) 9steinrepair22.JPG (84645 bytes)
9steinrepair23.JPG (100517 bytes) 9steinrepair24.JPG (87160 bytes) 9steinrepair25.JPG (86104 bytes)
9steinrepair27.JPG (97346 bytes)
9steinrepair28.JPG (111522 bytes)

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